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Marburg is located in the state of Hesse in central Germany. The town has a population of about 72,000 and lies along the valley of the river Lahn.

Marburg is dominated by its university, which is Germany's oldest universities. With about 3,500 employees, the Philipp University of Marburg is also the town's biggest employer. The university is well-known for its research in material sciences, medical disciplines and the humanities.


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Philipps-Universität Marburg

The University of Marburg is one of the universities most steeped in Germany's tradition and strongly interlinked with the city itself. The university has 16 different faculties. The largest faculty is medicine but the humanities and natural sciences shape the character of the university. Interdisciplinary cooperation, which aims to support the advancement of learning, is one of the university's main objectives.

Germany's largest current linguistic research project entitled "" (regional language) at the "Deutscher Sprachatlas" Research Center (Linguistic Atlas of Germany) is based at the University of Marburg. This project offers a central research platform for research concerning regional languages in Germany.

biotechnology | pharma Engineering

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The industrial park Behringwerke is a biotechnology cluster located in Marburg. The location is home to many well-known companies such as Siemens and, Novartis as well as start ups, and over 4,500 employees. This business cluster caters to companies from the following areas: pharmacy, biotechnology, food and luxury food/stimulants and healthcare.

The location offers attractive conditions to pharmaceutical, medical, bio- and nanotechnology enterprises because it offers companies the possibility to manage the complete biotech value chain, from research and development to the manufacturing processes and the registration of pharmaceuticals. The industrial park Behringwerke is managed by the Pharmaserv GmbH & Co. KG.

The Behringwerke Marburg together with the research facilities of the University of Marburg help to make Marburg a leading research center in biotechnology and nanotechnology.

Culture | leisure and recreation in Marburg

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leisure and recreation

Marburg's location in the beautiful Lahn River valley offers ideal conditions for hiking and relaxing walks. Several boat rentals along the river Lahn invite visitors and residents alike to spend peaceful hours on the water.

In the middle of the town, the Old Botanical Garden is the ideal place to find a moment of peace and quiet. The open air swimming bath complex AquaMar offers leisure and fun activities for the whole family with swimming lanes, slides and a sauna area.

More action-filled fun can be found at the Skate-Park, a large area for BMX biking, skateboarding and inline-skating, suitable for pros as well as beginners.


Marburg's Old Town offers a glimpse into the town's medieval past with its large number of stairs and narrow alleys.

The Marburg castle, which was built in the 11th century, is one of the central historical sites in the state of Hesse. Today, the historical building is partly used as a museum with the permanent exhibition "How the Land Hesse Came to Be” and the valuable displays of the University Museum for Cultural History.

Other points of interest include the Church of St. Elizabeth, one of the most impressive works of early Gothic architecture.

The residents of Marburg are also known for their love of the cinema; nowhere in Germany do people visit the cinema more often than in Marburg. The Kammer-Filmkunsttheater offers visitors a multiple prize-winning cinema program and the open air short-film festival "Open Eyes", which takes place every summer, is another highlight in the town's rich cineastic culture scene.

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