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Tübingen hosts one of Germany’s oldest and most famous universities. A typical „university town“, it is the home of over 80,000 inhabitants, roughly a third of whom are enrolled at the Eberhard Karls Universität, founded in 1477.

Tübingen is situated in the economically prosperous state of Baden-Württemberg, just south of Stuttgart, the state capital, and right at the border to the Schwäbische Alb Plateau, a largely rural area. The calm Neckar river that is flowing right through the city, the much-adored old town in the city center, and the surrounding forests make Tübingen a quiet and relaxed place to live and work.

The proximity to Stuttgart and its university continues to foster the city’s industry and business.


Job Opportunities in Tübingen


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The biggest employers in Tübingen, after the university, are the two engineering and tool-making companies Walter Maschinenbau and Walter Tools. In addition, there is the family-owned company Kemmler Consortium, an expert in industrial construction and building material.


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Many biotech and medical technology companies have been attracted by the university of Tübingen and its excellence in these fields. Yet, more traditional industries can be found here as well.


Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen

The Eberhard Karls Universität is the main employer in Tübingen. Offering a wide range of studies, the university excels in key fields such as bio-, neuro- and medical sciences, and the university hospital is famous all over Germany.

In 2012, the university was awarded the title of “elite” university, ranking it as one of the best in Germany. Not few of its almost 30,000 students come from countries all over the world, attracted by the university’s reputation and its excellent record.

A second institution in the area, the University of Applied Sciences in neighboring Reutlingen, specializes in business and management, computer science, and production. Reutlingen also hosts the small, but highly regarded European Business School.

Culture | leisure and recreation in Tübingen

Free Time in Tübingen

leisure and recreation

Leisurely life in Tübingen is shaped by the university and its students, whom one may find relaxing in the parks or all over the market place, even long after summer has passed.

Thanks to their presence, Tübingen can offer an amount of restaurants, cafés and bars that is unusual for a town of its size. The rural area around the town is perfect for biking tours or long walks.

Yet, Tübingen itself is a very green city (and is currently governed by a mayor of the Green Party), and walks within the city are likewise of high recreational value.

The old town, the Neckar promenades, the many parks (one of which is on a river island right in the center of town), and the rather recent French Quarter, built according to ecological principles, make life in Tübingen a quite comfortable affair.


As an old university town, once the home of German philosophical and poetic giants Hegel and Hölderlin, Tübingen has much to offer on the cultural front. Every year, the old-town with its winding, cobble-stoned alleys, old churches, and its castle towering on a hill above attract tourists from all over Europe.

Next to being a sight to see, the castle also hosts an impressive museum of ancient cultures. Yet everywhere in the old town, from churches and old administrative or university buildings to the Hölderlin Tower, where the poet has spent his last years, you can see history unfolding.

Thanks to the intellectual influence of the university, cultural life in general is booming in Tübingen. Many theaters, the most famous being the Landestheater (LTT), make certain that tourist and citizen alike are provided with a never-ending choice of dramatic performances. For the more artistic-minded, the Kunsthalle Tübingen offers exhibitions on contemporary and 20th century art. For those who would rather look to the stars, the town offers its very-own observatory on top of its many hills.

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