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Regensburg is a small Bavarian city and ranks as one of the oldest in Germany. In fact, it is famous for its old town, most of which has been awarded the status of United Nations World Cultural Heritage in 2006.

It is situated close to Bavarian capital München and the Bayrischer Wald, one of the largest forest regions in Germany. Dating back to the 8th century, the city on the Donau River currently has about 140,000 citizens.

Next to its age, Regensburg can today boast of having one of the lowest unemployment rates in Germany, and because of its economic dynamism it is frequently ranked as having one of the highest economic potentials in Germany.



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Related to this field are the two other key industries in the city, engineering and electrical engineering. Siemens, another world leader situated in München, runs its Automation & Drives facility in Regensburg, while Infineon, yet one more global player, has located one of its semiconductor branches there, currently employing 1,800 people. Another world leader in semiconductos, Osram Opto Semiconductors, has its headquarters and main production site in Regensburg. There are far more such companies in the city, making the region one of the leaders in engineering and production.

This is also true for yet another key industry of the city, biotechnology, in which Regensburg’s importance as a production site is only topped by neighboring capital München. Its BioPark cluster area hosts over 30 biotech companies at the moment. The cluster provides excellent opportunities and infrastructure for research and development, as well as for cooperation with the University, on whose campus the BioPark is located.


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Given its proximity to München and thus to German automobile giant BMW, it does not surprise that one of Regensburg’s key industries is related to automobile production.

Continental, one of the leading German automotive suppliers, can be found in Regensburg, where the company currently employs over 6,000 people. BMW itself has one of its production facilities in Regensburg, employing about 10,000 workers.


Universiät Regensburg

Despite the city’s long history, its university is of rather recent origin, yet this fact in no way harms its performance. The Universität Regensburg is one of the leading universities in the fields of biotech, life sciences, and physics. The close cooperation with the companies of the BioPark cluster and the presence of a highly modern university hospital only enhances the university’s research portfolio.

Regensburg is also the home of a University of Applied Sciences, which focuses on the fields of engineering, IT, architecture, and management. With its more than 8,000 students, it is rather large for a University of Applied Sciences.

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leisure and recreation

Leisurely life in Tübingen is shaped by the university and its students, whom one may find relaxing in the parks or all over the market place, even long after summer has passed.

Thanks to their presence, Tübingen can offer an amount of restaurants, cafés and bars that is unusual for a town of its size. The rural area around the town is perfect for biking tours or long walks.

Yet, Tübingen itself is a very green city (and is currently governed by a mayor of the Green Party), and walks within the city are likewise of high recreational value.

The old town, the Neckar promenades, the many parks (one of which is on a river island right in the center of town), and the rather recent French Quarter, built according to ecological principles, make life in Tübingen a quite comfortable affair.


As an old university town, once the home of German philosophical and poetic giants Hegel and Hölderlin, Tübingen has much to offer on the cultural front. Every year, the old-town with its winding, cobble-stoned alleys, old churches, and its castle towering on a hill above attract tourists from all over Europe.

Next to being a sight to see, the castle also hosts an impressive museum of ancient cultures. Yet everywhere in the old town, from churches and old administrative or university buildings to the Hölderlin Tower, where the poet has spent his last years, you can see history unfolding.

Thanks to the intellectual influence of the university, cultural life in general is booming in Tübingen. Many theaters, the most famous being the Landestheater (LTT), make certain that tourist and citizen alike are provided with a never-ending choice of dramatic performances. For the more artistic-minded, the Kunsthalle Tübingen offers exhibitions on contemporary and 20th century art. For those who would rather look to the stars, the town offers its very-own observatory on top of its many hills.

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