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Münster is a city with roughly 300,000 inhabitants in the state of Nordrhein-Westfalen, close to the Dutch border. It is a typical university town, and its almost 50,000 students define the cityscape.

It is famous for its picturesque old town and its citizens’ penchant for biking, which is made all the more appealing by the fact that large parts of the city area are green and have a rural flair. Thanks to its highly-developed system of bike lanes and streets, the city can boast of having more bikes in the city than citizens!

What is more, its economic strength and comparatively low rate of unemployment make it one of the most attractive locations in Nordrhein-Westfalen.



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Next to these, Münster stands out in regard to its agribusiness, medical technology and biotech companies. Most important in the former field is Agravis Raiffeisen AG. The company deals in various agrarian products while also providing key services in that sector. Booming at the moment, however, is Münster’s biotech industry. Here, the close cooperation with the university, best represented by the Center for Nanotechnology, pays off for both sides. The Center provides the necessary infrastructure for the close cooperation in research & development between the university and international biotech companies such as General Electric, Cilian, and many others, thus making Münster the leading site for bio- and nanotechnology in Germany. The existing infrastructure is currently expanding with the foundation of the Nano-Bioanalytik-Zentrum , in which many leading nano- and biotech companies will be cooperating in transforming research into development.

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Münster may boast of a wide diversity of different industries within its borders. While the city and its universities are the biggest employers, Münster also harbors financial and banking companies as well as IT and more traditional industry. With Brillux and BASF Coatings, two leading manufacturers of paint and coating have chosen Münster as an important production site. Another company with a global leadership position in its field is Armacell, producer of foam technologies, which has its headquarters in the city. The automotive supplier Hengst likewise resides in Münster.


Westfälische Wilhems Universität Münster

With roughly 40,000 students, the Westfälische Wilhems Universität Münster counts as one of the largest universities in Germany. Like most German universities, it offers a broad range of subjects, yet is much more ambitious in its aim for full interdisciplinarity.

Münster excels in the fields of nano- and biotechnology, and the University is a key factor in this regard. Yet, in the areas of politics, religious studies, and law, the university belongs to the best in Germany just as well. Likewise, the University of Applied Sciences in Münster is one of the biggest of its kind in Germany, focusing primarily on technological sciences.

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Free Time in Münster

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Given its status as a university town, Münster abounds with literally hundreds of cafés, restaurants and bars, especially in the old town.

Combined with the many shops and restaurants, the city’s service sector is by far the highest, giving residents and visitors a unique choice of recreations.

Its parks and the inner-city recreational area surrounding the Aasee provide places for relaxation and sports. The nearby Rieselfelder, a natural reserve, is another attraction for all those wishing for an occasional escape into nature.

The local zoo, the planetarium, and the botanic garden add to the range of leisurely activities that can be pursued in Münster. All in all, the city persistently ranks high in the lists of German cities with the highest quality of living.


Every year, 8 million tourists visit Münster, thereby attesting to the cultural attractiveness of the city. The visitor walking through the old town is exposed to a whole series of fascinating buildings dating from the 18th to the 16th century, now and then interrupted by one of the many churches in the city. Most famous in this regard is the medieval Cathedral of Münster.

Thanks to the relatively numerous churches, the city’s cultural calendar is filled with performances by choirs, yet also by Münster’s symphony orchestra and the musical scene in the Hansaviertel.

Next to these, the city harbors several theaters and museums, for instance one exclusively dedicated to works of Picasso.

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