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Potsdam is the capital of Brandenburg and the biggest city within that state. It is very close to the German capital Berlin, being separated from it only by the large Grunewald forest and the Wannsee, only one of many lakes located within and around the city.

The lakes, connected by the Havel river that flows through the city, add a leisurely atmosphere to the capital, an impression that is only furthered by the many parks that can be found in Potsdam.



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A second important industry to be found in Potsdam is that of communication and information technology, which currently employs almost 6,000 people, many of these working for SNT Deutschland AG. SNT specializes not only in electronics, however, but also offers services in diverse fields such as finance, communication, health, and energy.

Next to these industries, Potsdam also hosts the largest movie production company in Germany, the UFA GmbH, founded in 1917. Located in the district of Babelsberg, the UFA is only the largest of many film and media companies producing there. The film studios of Babelsberg are the biggest in Germany, and frequently visited by international producers.

biotechnology | Life science

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While being the state’s capital, Potsdam also leads Brandenburg in its comparatively high employment rate.

Thanks to its universities, leading institutes such as the Max Planck and Fraunhofer Institutes of Science, and its substantial amount of students living in the city, Potsdam hosts a wide range of biotechnology and life science companies that altogether currently employ about 15,000 people.

The Biotech Campus Hermannswerder, situated on a calm Havel island, clearly stands out in this regard. All in all, Potsdam counts as one of the leading biotech and life science locations in Europe.


University of Potsdam

Potsdam is the home of three public universities, the largest being the University of Potsdam. Offering a wide array of subjects, its life-science and biotech faculties are clearly profiting from cooperation with the resident science institutes and companies.

One outstanding example of such a cooperation is the Hasso-Plattner-Institut, created by and named after one of the founders of German software giant SAP. The institute specializes in IT engineering and, since 2007, also in design thinking. Yet, in other fields, especially in that of policy and public management, the University of Potsdam excels as well.

Though smaller, the University for Film and Television in Babelsberg is the largest and oldest of its kind in Germany, and many German producers and directors have studied there.

The third university in Potsdam, the University of Applied Sciences, concentrates on architecture, social sciences, engineering, design and IT.

Culture | leisure and recreation in potsdam

Free Time in Potsdam

leisure and recreation

Thanks to its many students and tourists, Potsdam also offers a broad range of restaurants, cafés, and bars that make living in Potsdam even more enjoyable.

Citizens and tourists alike enjoy the many lakes in and surrounding the city. Especially the Wannsee offers great opportunities for swimming, sailing, or long hikes along the lakeside. Grunewald Forest is for Potsdamers and Berliners alike a perfect opportunity to relax with a long walk. All in all, the area in and surrounding Potsdam is perfect for cycling tours.

The more adventuresome may visit the Abenteuerpark, the largest climbing forest in the area. Most popular, however, is the Filmpark Babelsberg, a movie-themed park that fascinates young and old with its entertaining tours through the world of film and its action-packed shows.


Having once been the town of residence for the rulers of Prussia, Potsdam is unlike any other city in Germany. Its old town, interspersed with historical gates and old churches, has retained the appearance of a 17th and 18th century residential capital.

Together with the Dutch Quarter from the mid-18th century and the Russian Quarter that dates back to the 19th, Potsdam offers one of the most beautiful old towns in Germany. Yet this splendor of the past fades in comparison to the city’s main attraction, the Park Sanssouci, in which one may find not only the world-famous castle, but also a large botanic garden, several palais, sculptures and even small temples. Inside, castle Sanssouci displays an impressive collection of paintings from the Renaissance and Baroque periods.

In the Neue Palais, one of Sanssouci’s most beautiful buildings, one may visit a historical theater from the 18th century. For a more modern venue, one may visit the Hans-Otto-Theater, opened in 2006.

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