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Wolfsburg is a city in the state of Lower Saxony and is located on the southern edge of the river valley of the Aller along the Midland canal.

Widely known as headquarter of Volkswagen, Wolfsburg is a city of great variety – modern industry, contemporary art, historic sites, green leisure areas and much more. With its 120.000 inhabitants and 120.000 jobs, Wolfsburg offers perfect working conditions combined with a high standard of living.

As the most visionary city in Northern Germany, Wolfsburg is also known as the ‘world’s largest engineering office.


Job Opportunities in Wolfsburg


Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences

The Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences is one of the largest universities in Lower Saxony and has obtained an excellent reputation for its teaching. Divided among four campuses in Wolfsburg, Salzgitter, Wolfenbüttel and Suderburg, the Ostfalia offers a variety of programs in different fields of study.

Many programs are so called “dual studies” that combine the theoretical teaching of a university with the practical work of businesses. Direct contact to companies in the region offers many opportunities for the students.

Technical University Braunschweig

The technical university in Braunschweig is only 30 minutes by train from Wolfsburg. Concentrated in the field of engineering and mechanical studies, the university also offers a wide variety of studies in the humanities. The studies follow a practical approach and allow an easy entry to the working environment.

Culture | leisure and recreation in wolfsburg

Free Time in Wolfsburg

leisure and recreation

Wolfsburg is one of the greenest cities in Germany and offers a variety of leisure activities.

As a great recreational area the Allerpark includes a high rope course, a bowling center, an ice rink, an indoor soccer arena, a wake park and the Allersee, an artificial sea with a large beach area. The BadeLand – the largest recreational water park in Lower Saxony – offers fun and leisure to the whole family.

Another recreational park that combines fun and learning is the Autostadt. Situated in a large park area with many pavilions, guests can experience mobility and enjoy the many activities and attractions. Cycling tracks in and around the city present a good way to get to know the surrounding areas and enjoy the region.

Another special way to experience Wolfsburg is with one of the guided tours around town that can also be booked with a special thematic focus.


With its short history Wolfsburg has a lot of culture to offer. The castle and the historic parts of Wolfsburg Vorsfelde and Fallersleben give a glimpse into the history of the city which is also shown in the Stadtmuseum located on the castle grounds.

Different art museums such as the Städtische Galerie and the Kunstverein exhibit art work from aspiring as well as internationally known artists. A highlight for art lovers is the Kunstmuseum, one of the most important museums for modern and contemporary art. A permanent collection and temporary exhibitions show the works from international artists.

The science center phæno, designed by the Iraq-born architect Zaha Hadid, offers a technical approach to understand the world by presenting and explaining scientific phenomena. phæno is only one example of great architecture that can be found throughout Wolfsburg: Alvar Aalto and Hans Sharoun are further examples of architects who designed buildings in the city.


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Wolfsburg is the home-town to Volkswagen, the most successful European automobile manufacturer.

Due to the growth of the Volkswagen factory, Wolfsburg is also headquarter of many companies within the supply chain of the car producing industry.

In addition the Research and Development department of Volkswagen is one of the most innovative in this industrial sector and offers a lot of potential to creative and unconventional minds.

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